Infoglobal Received an Industrial Visit of SMKN 1 Cimahi

Infoglobal received a group of students and teachers from Department of Communication Power Electronics Engineering of SMKN 1 Cimahi. This visit was an industrial visit and workshop tour to Infoglobal.

The activity, which was held on Tuesday, 25 July 2023, aims to establish partnership and cooperation between SMKN 1 Cimahi and Infoglobal, as well as broaden the knowledge of SMKN 1 Cimahi students in the fields of industry and technology.

The activities was started with speech delivered by the Director of Operations at Infoglobal, Bagoes Soediarto and continued with speech by Tresna Yogaswara as Deputy Principal for Industrial Relations at SMKN 1 Cimahi. After that, the presentation of Infoglobal's profile guided by Ujang Abil as the company's representative.

This activity was followed by a workshop tour. As many as 50 students of SMKN 1 Cimahi were divided into 3 groups to explore the Infoglobal Workshop and understand the development process to the production process of technology products by Infoglobal.

In the future, Tresna Yogaswara as SMKN 1 Cimahi representative, hopes to cooperate further with Infoglobal, both in terms of student internship program and industrial visits in the years to come.

As conveyed by Ujang Abil, Infoglobal has opened a wide door for collaboration in the education sector, by implementing an internship program, both for vocational and college students.