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Infoglobal is an Indonesian technology company that focused on the developing defense equipment. When Infoglobal was founded in 1992, our aim was to utilize technology for life quality improvement. Today, we commit to present Defense Technology through products, services, and solutions from military defence to civil security. Infoglobal consistenly innovates, develops, adapts, and improves new technology to meet the customers' changing needs.


To become a trusted Defense Industry.


To develop avionics, Radar Data Processing, and Defense Mission System.






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What We Do


We deliver customized avionics solutions by designing and bringing technology to meet the custom-built demands of every cockpit, providing safety and situational awareness in the sky.


By developing and innovating radar integration system, we want to support interoperability by providing integrated surveillance and monitoring system as security solutions for air, maritime, and ground area


Improving the capability of defense and security equipment with C4ISR-based technology.


Bringing technology solutions to facilitate and manage strategic plans in defense and security sectors, government, health, and utility.


Enhancing coordination and command and also cyber resilience in the forces and organizations by developing command, control and communications systems supported with reliable and secure IT infrastructure

R & D

Our founders established Infoglobal with a mission to utilize technology for life quality improvement. We commit to create new values going ahead of the changes of the times by applying research and development of new technologies into high valuable tech products and solutions.

Our History

Pioneer of

Avionics Technology in Indonesia

Since it's established in 1992, Infoglobal utilizes technology development for life quality improvement in Indonesia. The development of technology grows so fast. In the middle of the 2000s, Indonesia experienced embargo for its fighter aircraft from manufacturer's country. Infoglobal tries something new. We deliver solutions by developing aviation electronics (avionics) for military aircraft in 2008. Since then, Infoglobal becomes the pioneer of avionics technology in Indonesia.

Major Innovation & Milestone

Innovation is the survival key. From years to years, Infoglobal always develops, adapts, and improves new technology to meet technology changing needs. We conduct R&D continually. Here our innovation from years to years:


Providing high-quality products and services to customers is a must, because customer satisfaction is our priority. Our industry quality standards are a key element of our success. We evaluate our processes to ensure we are always providing the best, quality assurance services for our customers.

Our current accreditation difference us from the rest of the industry. At Infoglobal, internal principles and our obedience to the quality management standards are very important for maintaining the quality products and our industry position. Below are standard and accreditation we apply within our quality system.

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