Infoglobal is a leading defense industry in Indonesia with focusing on avionics, radar data processing, weapon control system, and defense software. We invite Indonesian professional young talents who have passion to fullfil this following position:

Software Developer

(Kode: SWD)


  • Having Experience at least 2 years or fresh graduate with portfolio project
  • Diploma III or Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or Informatics
  • Have good analytics and algorithm
  • Understand data structure, PBO, and or computational numerics
  • Expert in one of these programming languages:

             a. Desktop: C/C++, Jaga, C#

             b. Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

             c. Mobile: android/IOS

  • Have good communication and team work
  • Willing to work on-site (if required) 
  • Located in Surabaya

Special Requirement

if having experience in one of the following systems, frameworks, libraries:

  • OpenGL/OpenGLES
  • GIS
  • Linux Environment
  • Embedded System
  • Rest API/SIAP
  • React, Vue, Xamarin, Flutter
  • Matlab, Python, OpenCV, Tensorflow
  • UI/UX Design

Send CV, Copy of ID Card, Pass photo, and Cover Letter by including position code on the email subject