Infoglobal Holds Inaugural Export Ceremony of Multi Purpose Cockpit Display to Malaysia

Infoglobal holds inaugural export ceremony of Multi Purpose Cockpit Display (MPCD) to Malaysia on Monday, October 18, 2021. The first-ever Infoglobal export ceremony to Malaysia is concluded with ribbon cutting at Workshop Infoglobal Surabaya and witnessed virtually from Jakarta.

Chief Operating Officer of Infoglobal, Bagoes Soediarto said that the inaugural export is an achievement of Indonesian People. “The export is not only the achievement for Infoglobal as a company, but also become Indonesian achievement, because this is the masterpiece of Indonesian talents”, said Bagoes.

This momentum is expected to be motivation for Infoglobal to increase its confidence. “This is a matter of pride as well as a motivation for us, so that our next products can be trusted by other countries,” Bagoes added.

A total of 6 MPCD products were dispatched to Malaysia and this is an ongoing collaboration with G7 Aerospace as a company from Malaysia.

MPCD at a glance

MPCD is one of the avionics products developed by Infoglobal and it is 100% the original design and production of Indonesian talents.

The MPCD displays flight & navigation data, engine data, radar data and so on in the cockpit of the Hawk 100/200 aircraft. The Infoglobal MPCD has the advantage in its software that is compatible for Hawk 100 and Hawk 200 aircraft without any reprogramming.

In addition, MPCD is manufactured with military grade, that in the production process, this device undergoes a series of durability tests according to military standards. So it has good durability when operated in fighter aircraft that have an extreme environment.

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