Indo Defence Expo & Forum 2022: Infoglobal Holds Indoor and Outdoor Booths Showcase Mockup Fighter Aircraft, Avionics and Latest Defence Technology Research

Infoglobal follows Indo Defence Expo & Forum 2022 held in JIEXPO Kemayoran Jakarta on 2-5 November 2022. In this event, Infoglobal holds 2 booths, located at pavilion A108 (indoor) and OD 60 (outdoor).

On indoor pavilion, Infoglobal showcases its featured products, displayed in mockup cockpits, they are: Hawk Mockup cockpit, C-130 Hercules Mockup Cockpit, KT-1B Mockup Cockpit, and Super Tucano Mockup Cockpit.

Besides that, Infoglobal also showcases menampilkan LRU avionics, such as Rear Cockpit Monitor (RCM), Hawk Camera System, Integrated Electronics System Display (IESD) for CN295, Electronics Flight Display 6.0 (EFD-6.0), and Digital Data to Synchro Converter (DDSC) for Boeing 737-200, Engine Data Display (EDD) for Grob, and Flight Recorder and Tracking (FRT) for Sikorsky S-300 C. Infoglobal also shows Tactical Mission System (TMS) for Maritime Patrol Aircraft, in which the product has been installed on CN212 MPA for almost 5 years.

Meanwhile, Infoglobal also exhibits the latest research products, they are anti-drone, electric wingsuit, Battle Range Target (BRT), Extended Communication System (ECS), Radio over IP (RoIP), and Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS). Those products are the results of research conducted by Infoglobal in order to increase our capabilities in developing C5ISR-based defence technology (Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance).

In this event, Infoglobal also holds ceremonial activity with Rolls Royce and BAE System as the parts of Upgrade Hawk 100/200 PLN.2021 program.

i-22 Sikatan Fighter Mockup

Not only avionics, mission system, and C5ISR-based technological research, Infoglobal also showcases fighter mockup namely i-22 Sikatan in booth OD 60 on Indo Defence Expo & Forum 2022. This fighter mockup is a development initiation of 4.5th generation light multirole aircraft that is planned in 3 phases, starts from the development of trainer aircraft on 1st phase, fighter demonstrator on the second, and strike fighter aircraft on the stage of finalization.

This mockup uses twin engine, and manned by 102 crews, also it has capability in electronic warfare, intelligent, surveillance, and reconnaissance. Besides that, this aircraft is capable to carry a various weapon to conduct air-to-air and air-to-ground attack with extreme maneuver.