G7 Aerospace Visits Infoglobal to Enhance Partnership in Development of Avionics

G7 Aerospace visits Infoglobal on 23 November 2022. The visit, which is carried out directly by Executive Director of G7 Aerospace Datuk Rosdi Mahmud and the team, is welcomed by Infoglobal CEO Adi Sasongko at the Infoglobal Surabaya Workshop.

The visit of the G7 Aerospace is in order to enhancing partnership with Infoglobal in the development of avionics. G7 Aerospace intends to expand cooperation by implementing a teaming agreement. It is planned that Infoglobal together with G7 Aerospace will develop avionics for PC7 aircraft.

Previously, G7 Aerospace and Infoglobal had collaborated since 2019 for the joint development of MPCD for the Hawk 108/208 aircraft. Then the signing of the NDA and MoU was carried out which was witnessed by top military personnels of the two countries at the DSA Malaysia 2022 event. This year, Infoglobal will export 6 pcs of MPCD to Malaysia. Previously, Infoglobal had delivered 6 pcs of MPCD to the “Negeri Jiran” in 2021.