Indonesian Defense University RI Visits Infoglobal

Infoglobal receives a visit from the Indonesian Defense University (IDU RI) on 24 November 2022. This visit is carried out by the Dean of the Faculty of Defense Technology, IDU Rear Admiral TNI Dr. Ir. Kasih Prihantoro, S.E., M.M., M.Tr.(Han)., IPU., together with the academics from the Defense Technology Faculty (FTP) of the Republic of Indonesia Defense University and are welcomed by the Director of Operations of Infoglobal Bagoes Soediarto at the Infoglobal Workshop in Surabaya.

This visit is to carry out comparative study activities and exploring cooperation after the opening of the Cyber Defense Engineering Study Program at the Indonesian Defense University.

From the agenda of this visit, Infoglobal strongly supports the Indonesian Defense University in the education and development of defense technology, especially the Cyber defense study program, the Defense Technology Faculty of the Republic of Indonesia's Defense University. This can be realized through research collaboration in the field of defense technology, especially cyber technology and internship opportunities for Indonesian Defense University students at Infoglobal.