Infoglobal Holds Blood Donation for the First Time After Covid Pandemic

In order to realize caring for others and commitment to humanity, PT Infoglobal Teknologi Semesta held a Blood Donation. The activity with the theme "Kita Sehat Mereka Selamat" was held at the Infoglobal Workshop, Surabaya on July 4 2023 in collaboration with PMI Surabaya.

The event, which was held again after the pandemic, was attended not only by internal, but also opened to the public. A total of 66 people registered as donors and 37 blood bags obtained from this activity.

This blood donation is Infoglobal's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program  in the health sector. According to Vice-President Corporate of Infoglobal, Adhi Agung Wijaya, this blood donation activity aims to help others in need. “The purpose of blood donation activities is to help others. Apart from that, it can make our bodies healthier,” said Adhi.

Adhi Wijaya expressed his hope that blood donation activities could be carried out regularly. "Hopefully blood donor activities can be carried out routinely as a form of our concern for others," added Adhi.