Advancing Independence of Technology, Infoglobal Strengthen Cooperation with ITS Surabaya

Infoglobal consistently encourages the Independence of Indonesian Technology. This is realized by the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Infoglobal and Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya on 1 August, 2023.

The signing ceremony is carried out by Adi Sasongko as CEO of Infoglobal and Bambang Pramujati, ST, MSCEng PhD as Deputy Chancellor IV for Research, Innovation, Cooperation, and ITS Alumni. This signing is witnessed by Sesditjen Pothan Kemhan RI, Laksma TNI Sri Yanto, S.T., and Kapuslitbang Iptekhan Balitbang Kemhan, Marsma TNI R. Bambang Ismiyadi, S.T.,. Also participates the deans and vice-chancellors of ITS Surabaya along with directors and commissioner of Infoglobal in Ruang Sidang Senat Rektorat ITS.

CEO of Infolobal Adi Sasongko and Bambang Pramujati as Deputy Chancellor IV of ITS sign the MoU

Bambang Pramujati said that the researches which are conducted by ITS needs partners from Industries, including defence industries. The Deputy Chanchellor IV hopes that the output of the research and cooperation (with industry) will have impact for society.

In the occassion, CEO of Infoglobal Adi Sasongko states that this cooperation aims to advance the independence of Indonesian Technology. Adi Sasongko hopes ITS as an institution that shapes the excellent engineers in the future can provide support in the form of technological sciences and theories to be applied to more complicated technological product. In addition, Infoglobal hopes that there will be dispatch of experts from ITS graduates who are competent to be able to work at Infoglobal.

In his speech, Adi Sasongko also states his commitment to advance Indonesian technology and its sustainability by launching Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in the form of scholarship for ITS students to support their final project. “Start from this year, Infoglobal open CSR program, this to help the students who have difficulty completing their final project, especially the final project that involve buying equipment”, said Adi Sasongko.

Board of Director and Commissioner of Infoglobal and vice-chancellors and the deans of ITS with  Sesditjen Pothan Kemhan RI and also Kapuslitbang Iptekhan Balitbang Kemhan RI

Infoglobal hopes that the cooperation with ITS can be wider for the sake of nation independence in the field of the development of technology. “Next, we hope that we (Infoglobal-ITS) can collaborate on many things, in order to build independence of technology, the many things that we have imported so far, we can do it ourselves," ended Adi. (lft)