Infoglobal Registers NSN of the Latest Avionics to Indonesian National Codification Bureau

Infoglobal received a visit from the Head of the National Codification Bureau Ministry of Defence RI, Laksma TNI Mochamad Taufiq Hidayat, S.T., M.Si and his team on September 7-8, 2023. This visit was welcomed directly by Bagoes Soediarto as Director of Operations at Infoglobal Workshop, Surabaya. The arrival of the Indonesian National Codification Bureau team was in order to carry out the material codification verification process of the National Stock Number (NSN) System for Infoglobal's latest avionics products.

There were 3 products that were verified, including: i-HUDWAC, i-BIFU, and INS-GNSS. Those avionics are avionics for Hawk 100/200. i-HUDWAC or Infoglobal Head Up Display Weapon Aiming Computer is avionics instrument that serves as mission computer of Hawk 100, it is main controller of digital communication to generate flight parameter and compute weapon aiming. Meanwhile, i-BIFU   (Infoglobal Bus Interface Unit) is an avionics instrument that serves as backup of bus controller of i-HUDWAC. Furthermore, INS-GNSS (Inertial Navigation System-Global Navigation Satellite System) is a satellite-based navigation system that computes navigation data of Hawk 100/200 aircraft.

NSN System Material Codification is a management system for providing standard codes for supply items that are uniform, universal and can be applied to various kinds of national industrial products. A total of 14 Infoglobal products already have National Stock Number (NSN) registered in the Material Codification system of the National Codification Bureau Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia.