Infoglobal's Super Tucano Avionics Pass Operational Test

Infoglobal has successfully passed operational testing on its two latest avionics products, including CIMD 8.4 and FCP, on November 8, 2023 at Skadron 21 Lanud Abdul Rahman Saleh in Malang.

CIMD 8.4 or Color Integrated Multifunction Display is a multipurpose avionics that displays navigation data, engine and fuel data, and also weapon system of EMB-314 Super Tucano on a 8.4-inch screen. Meanwhile, FCP, or Front Control Panel is an avionics that is installed on HUD in front cockpit of Super Tucano. It functions as the primary interface for setting radio frequencies (com V/UHF, VOR/ILS/DME/ADF), operating recorder,  controlling navigation, waypoint, HUD, and activating R-Alt.

The operational testing is one of steps of product development testing by evaluating them under operational conditions in Super Tucano EMB-314 aircraft. The aircraft has been in the air for almost one flight hour. Before that, CIMD 8.4 and FCP had undergone a series of functional and environmental tests.

This operational test was carried out to develop and manufacture high-quality avionics products for safe use in the air.