Joint Working Group RI-UEA, Dirjen Pothan Kemhan RI Visits Infoglobal Office in Dubai

Infoglobal actively participated in the Joint Working Group (JWG) held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from November 21 to 23, 2023, between the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemhan RI) and the Ministry of Defense of the UAE. This marked the first bilateral forum aimed at strengthening the collaboration between Indonesia and the UAE, focusing on the defense industries of both nations.

This agenda was led by the Director General of Defense Potentials at Kemhan RI, Major General TNI Mohammad Fadjar, MPICT as the Head of Delegation (HoD), accompanied by officials from the Directorate of Defense Facilities (Dittekindhan) and the Directorate of Defense Industrial Potential (Ditkersinhan) of Kemhan RI. Representatives from the Indonesian Defense Industry, including Infoglobal, were also present. The Indonesian Embassy's Staff in the UAE, Mohammad Yusuf, and the Indonesian Defense Attaché, Brigadier General TNI Mohammad Irawadi, attended the event. The UAE delegation was led by Major General Dr. Mubarak Saeed bin Ghafan Al Jabri, Assistant Undersecretary for Support and Defense Industries UAE, along with officials from the Ministry of Defense and representatives from the UAE defense industries.

During the meeting, Director General Fadjar highlighted the importance of integrating and coordinating joint efforts to develop the defense capabilities of both nations in accordance with prevailing laws. The cooperation forum aims to synergize the strengths of the defense industries, benefiting both countries.

As part of his visit, Director General Fadjar took the opportunity to inspect Infoglobal's office at Emaar Business Park, Dubai, on November 23, 2023. The visit, accompanied by the Indonesian Ambassador to the UAE, HE Husin Bagis, and Trade and Finance Attachés, also included representatives from the Indonesian Defense Industry who participated in the JWG Meeting. Director General Fadjar commended Infoglobal for its initiatives in strengthening its international presence, especially in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries.